Following are a few project examples; but if you really want to know how I can help you/your team, give me a call.


Waste Management is required to keep some sensitive data in separate, proprietary systems that result in a recurring cycle of tedious reconciling and manual processing. I created new team procedures and a custom software solution that dramatically increased data reliability and cut the average labor hours from 1,540 down to 480... more accurate data in less than 1/3 the time.


Global Data Mining's production system consists of a series of massive databases used by employees in multiple locations. Working closely with GDM's management, I improved the system's overall ease-of-use and speed, slashing GDM’s average production cycle from 36 hours to 5.


Developed a system of process improvements for a specialized, 27‑person team at the Department of Defense. The new methodologies capitalized on the implementation of technology and harnessing the unique skills of individual team members. Senior management adopted the new system, the project was finished ahead of schedule, and I earned a medal for my efforts – literally.


Helped Tri‑Valley Electrical by creating a number of process improvements, building a custom CRM system, and managing the installation of new office technology. Now the company can successfully accommodate a customer base six-times larger than the capacity of their original systems.


Built an automated production system for the world's first Internet-based advertising archive. The Global Media Gallery (built by a team I was a part of), strengthened IDG's client relationships and helped secure millions of dollars in annual advertising revenue.

... and there are many, many more from building high-tech surveillance vehicles to creating a marketing campaign that helped bring down an unethical company. My tenacious "there's always a way" personality has helped teams conquer a wide range of "impossible" challenges. I would love to talk about your project.