I help you connect where you are now
to where you want to go.


Breakthrough Strategies for Frustrating Projects

  • Discover new strategies for moving your stalled projects forward
  • Translate early‑stage concepts into actionable plans for achieving real‑world results
  • Identify future obstacles before they become business‑threatening challenges

Program Management & Team Leadership

  • Design and implement transformative business programs
  • Manage cross‑functional collaborations between executives, developers, and non‑technical stakeholders
  • Lead, coach, and inspire colleagues to both team and individual success

People‑Focused Process Improvements & Tools

  • Implement product, production, and analysis improvements that are intensely focused on driving customer happiness
  • Create tools and procedures that help your team produce more with less effort and stress
  • Reduce costs and improve management clarity by simplifying complex business systems

Management Consulting

  • Get direct, confidential advice regarding sensitive business issues
  • Attain modern leadership and people management skills and training
  • Develop compelling communication strategies and digital media for your company and leadership team

Career Coaching

  • Explore potential career paths and build a career‑change strategy for your unique situation and strengths
  • Develop a compelling "career story" and support materials that position you as the ideal candidate for desirable roles
  • Take advantage of the most effective job‑search techniques and technologies

Support for Starting Your Own Business

  • Evaluate which business models would best fit your personality, skills, and experience
  • Discuss strategies for transitioning from being a traditional employee to self‑employed
  • Learn best practices and the latest tools for working independently and/or launching a startup

There’s no cost to sending me a quick email, and it could be exactly what you need to move forward.