I feel slimy asking colleagues to help me promote myself.  That said, here are a few comments from people I've worked with...

Travis is smart, fast and comprehensive with an uncanny ability to think system-wide while approaching even the most detailed processes. He’s a top-level thinker, teacher and manager who gets it done and does it right the first time.

Vicki Olds

Travis was invaluable in helping us with many projects from web design to marketing and customer relations issues... I cannot express how talented Travis is.

Johana Martz
Business Development Director

Travis, because you have helped me so much today, you will have good sex for the rest of your life!

*** True story... and seriously, how could I not put this quote on my website? ***

Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Sex Therapist & Author

Travis Neal has provided sound, professional advice on how to set up and run the business. He has rapidly and effectively found and trained people to perform quality work and provided high quality, professional advertising services on a timely basis.

Elliot Marx

Travis’ new design... reduced our research time so extensively we improved our turnaround time from [an average of 36 hours to 5]... truly love Travis’s focus.

Jane Kriwinski
International Consultant

We have hired Travis on more than one occasion and his performance has well exceeded our cost, content and delivery expectations for the project each time. Travis was readily available to help at all times during and after the completion of the project, he added tremendous value with out-of-the-box recommendations and worked along side our team with urgency. We highly recommend his services to others.

Ty Janney
Real Estate Expert

We will pay you for 10 additional days. This is our way of saying “thank you” for finishing this project ahead of schedule. Thanks for all your help. You did a terrific job, and made my job easy by being so organized.

Confidential Manager
Fortune 50 Insurance Company

Travis has the unique ability to quickly grasp the big picture (whatever it may be) and provide valuable input. Travis has a great sense of humor and I really enjoy working with him.

Heidi Tanaka
Marketing Director